Bye for now, but not forever

To Susanna’s roommates:

Hello roommates. I don’t know your names but I am glad that I meet you all last January.
I have seen many pictures of you in Susanna’s blog. So I know who is who.

I would like to thank you for being a good friend to Susanna. I know you had a lot of fun together ! Keep up your studies. I hope you all graduate successfully.
I will take care of Susanna….no worry about this 
It was nice meeting you…..and we will visit Taiwan in future for sure.

If you ever want to visit Europe in future, with or without man and kids….please feel free to contact us. We will be proud to show you beautiful Europe.

Take care !!
Groetjes van Bart


To Susanna’s friends


I would like to thank you all for being a good friend to Su Ching during her 2 years period in Taiwan. I am very happy to have met you all.
Su Ching will miss you very much, I know this.
We will visit Taiwan in future again, no worry about this !

In particular I would like to say good-bye to:


Thanks for nice time in Taipei Zoo…..hahaha…we had fun.
I know you are good friends with Su Ching…I just can tell you that you should not worry about her. She will be a happy woman in Holland.


Thanks for giving Su Ching a nice job and being a good friend and boss for her.
The coffee in your restaurant as well as the food are really delicious.
I am already looking forward to visit you again 

Sting and Christina:
Thanks for all nice moments that you gave us last summer and January.
I have sent something special Dutch to you by post.
Hope to meet again !
Give a big hug to your nice kids !!

Friends…..please feel free to visit us in Holland anytime in future.


Groetjes van Bart