*Home 2006* (27) Jul 07 : 台北101觀景台 TAIPEI 101 Observatory


有懼高症的巴特,早在幾個月前就開始做心理準備,要突破自己。買了票,我們開始排隊坐世界最快速的電梯到89樓的觀景台。抵達觀景台後,巴特竟然安然無恙,還可以四處看看。 我想應該是整個樓層很闊,沒有空間的壓迫感,他還能有享受欣賞台北美景的興致。之前帶他去新光三越的觀景台就面對嚴重的問題,一出電梯就無法前進,更別說看風景,搞得我匆匆拍了些夜景就往下跑。








5 gedachten over “*Home 2006* (27) Jul 07 : 台北101觀景台 TAIPEI 101 Observatory

  1. hi Susanna! glad to see all your nice photos during <br />
    the trip! and welcome back! (abit late though.. 🙂 ) <br />
    Can&#039;t type in Chinese at this moment.. So please bear <br />
    with it. ^^<br />
    <br />
    I was with Manu at 101 too. At first I thought I <br />
    could manage the height since I lived in an apartment <br />
    on the 21st storey for 10 years. BUT I was totally <br />
    wrong! I couldn&#039;t go near the windows at all and I <br />
    simply felt that the whole building was shaking!! How <br />
    embarassing!! But the view was magnificent! After <br />
    this incident, manu can&#039;t help but to tease me <br />
    whenever I&#039;m on a plane… Since the flight&#039;s height <br />
    is much more than 101… >.<

  2. Cindy,<br />
    I went to the Eifel Tower last year and I almost <br />
    fainted, because of scare. But I never give up. I <br />
    never approve my fears. This is why my 101 vistit was <br />
    great, no fear, only enjoy ! wo hen hao !

  3. Cindy,<br />
    我想是整個空間給妳的感覺吧﹗單憑這次的經驗,也很難說妳將來一直<br />
    會這樣持續下去。<br />
    <br />
    巴特小時候也沒有什麼懼高症,而是長大後才有。就像巴特所說,上了<br />
    Eifel Tower的第一段電梯,他就投降、回地上喝啤酒等我。但兩年<br />
    後,101又給他"征服"了…。偷偷告訴妳,巴特怕的是小空間、高距<br />
    離,像是透明的電梯,就算只有四樓那麼高,他都寧可用電扶梯或走<br />
    樓梯,更別說坐摩天輪,那簡直會要他的命 ^^<br />

  4. Bart,<br />
    that&#039;s very brave of you! I&#039;ll try to force myself to <br />
    go up to some high rised building/tower/monument next <br />
    time. We can overcome our fear!<br />
    <br />
    Susanna,<br />
    看來我的狀況還不是那麼嚴重呢^^讓我小小的寬心一下<br />
    放心我會向Bart好好的看齊的! 🙂

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