Translation of Lieve Chin Jing

Dear Chin Jing,

I have never been able to meet you,
But before I knew you, I already loved you much.
You have never been able to grow up as full-grown child.
You were never able to play as my dear daughters.
You only knew pain.

I will never forget you. I will always carry you deep in my heart.
Wherever you are now, you’ll be blessed, without pain.
Your mother will always be with you, stay with you.
Her love for you is intense, beside of all her problems.
She loves you, even when you are far away now.

Dear Chin Jing, all the happiness is being wished to you.
Dear Chin Jing, try to be happy where you are right now.
Dear Chin Jing, I only can promise that your mother will be happy again.
Dear Chin Jing, she will never forget you.

Although you haven’t had the opportunity to grow up and be happy, your mother and I love you much deep in our hearts.
A day in life, I remember your happiness, your passion, your will to survive.
You would have become a strong and sweet woman.
You are however not alone. Our love for you is big.

Why has this happened?
Why should this happen?
All good love and future were dedicated to you.
I would have taken you in my arms.
Giving you all my love.

Chin Jing, I will always be with you.
And never forget you.
Every birthday, every day of death, I will commemorate you.
I will burn a candle for you, in order to remember you for always
Wherever you are now, we will always think about you.

We will never forget you.

My dear Chin Jing,
Become happy in heaven.