Feb 12 – Bye

離別,是為了下一次相聚。這天中午,因為巴特要去實務地的果園,所以先跟巴特道別。老爸的英文在這兩個星期進步神速………”You can visit us whenever, you are welcome…..”讓巴特感到格外高興。巴特一再跟老爸保證”…I’ll take good care of Su Ching.”,聽了讓我都快掉下感動的眼淚。送巴特到機場時,很多話都說不出來……好呆,好笨……..




2 thoughts on “Feb 12 – Bye

  1. Dianne

    Ha Ha!! The last photo makes me remember the first time <br />
    Steve was going to leave from TW back to Belgium, we <br />
    took a drink at Cafe bar in the airport. I coutinued saying <br />
    something joke to avoid sadness, suddenly Steve just <br />
    looked like Bart and said "I am going to leave and you still <br />
    continue to laugh……" >"<<br />
    <br />
    Beautiful furure waiting for you two ~~ ^__^

  2. mirisusanna

    Yes, I think we have the same way to avoid <br />
    sadness…abnormal expression to say goodbye…hahaha


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