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【18台馬澳】20180123。高雄美麗島站—中央公園 Formosa Boulevard Station – Kaohsiung Central Park


The highlight of this day was visiting Hongmaogang Cultural Park. We have booked the ticket of 15:40pm, departing from Pier-2 by boat. Therefore, we decided to walk from our hotel to Pier-2. We went through the Formosa Boulevard MRT station to visit its “Dome of Light”, the largest glass work in the world. Then, we walked to Kaohsiung Central Park and have a rest at JCAFE. When we arrived Pier-2, we still have enough time to visit the neighborhood. This post shares the pictures from hotel to Formosa Boulevard Station to Central Park. Continue reading

【環島逍遙遊】12-08。高雄-愛河夜景-美麗島站 GaoXiong – Love River – Dome of Light


The night scene at the Love River (wikipedia) is what you can’t miss in your journey in GaoXiong. After KenDing tour, we went to ShouShan to have a bird view of GaoXiong city. Then we turned back to the Love River to have our dinner and enjoy beautiful scenery. At last, we finished our wonderful day at Metro station Formosa Boulevard Station, the most beautiful design station in Taiwan.
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