【China。七彩雲南】20140725。麗江東巴谷 Dongba Valley, Lijiang

麗江的東巴谷景區是這天的第二個景點。東巴谷位於玉龍雪山腳下,是個在造山運動中形成的斷裂谷。這裡是納西族的東巴文化之發源地,東巴文字也是現世唯一還活著的象形文字。這景區不大,主要介紹東巴文化和裸美樂大峽谷的景色。我們在雨中匆匆地走完景區,全程不到一個小時。 Dongba Valley, where the Naxi’s Dongba culture began, is our second destination of this day. Dongba’s hieroglyphs is the only hieroglyphs that still in use nowadays. The scenic area introduces the Dongba’s culture and the Luomeile Grand Canyon, and we spent about an hour to finish the tour in rain.

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