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【17返馬】20170809。西馬 West M’sia (14) 6GF2特輯 Gita Bayu, KL


給大妹在Gita Bayu的公寓拍了內部專輯,因公寓至今仍未上Airbnb,就當著是存檔用。
Photo shoot for Jessie’s appartment at Gita Bayu. Due to her appartment is still not online on Airbnb yet, this serie of pictures post as archive here. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170807。西馬 West M’sia (9) 世外桃源 Gita Bayu, KL (3)


This afternoon, we’re going to Cititel at Midvalley, KL. While the Dutch guys were still in dream, we went out to have a walk in parks where we couldn’t make it the day before. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170806。西馬 West M’sia (7) 世外桃源 Gita Bayu, KL (1)


Gita Bayu(官網)位於吉隆坡以南的Seri Kembangan,佔地118英畝,前身為橡膠園,為重新規劃的高級私人住宅區。這共管住宅區設圍籬,有自己的保安、不對外開放,內有俱樂部和熱帶雨林景觀公園,生活在這就像是身在繁榮的城市旁的世外桃源。因為大妹想把她的公寓弄成民宿、或供短期出租,我們就來試住兩晚、體驗一下這裡的環境和設施。
Gita Bayu (official website) is located Seri Kembangan (south of Kuala Lumpur), a 118-arce unique development which has re-established itself over a rubber plantation. This area is gated and guarded, provides well-maintained infrastructure and natural environment to its residents, a paradise to enjoy the stillness and beauty of the nature. Jessie owns an apartment here, plans to run B&B or short-term rental. Therefore, we’re invited to experience the luxury of this area for two nights. For me, enjoy the photo shooting for sure. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170805。西馬 West M’sia (6) 馬六甲-吉隆坡 Malacca to Gita Bayu, KL


吉隆坡是我們這次旅行的最後一站,停留五天五夜。我們從馬六甲北上,先到大妹在Gita Bayu打算弄成民宿的公寓住了兩晚,體驗在Gita Bayu的環境和設施。
Kuala Lumpur was the last destination of our tour. We spent 5 days 5 nights, starting by 2 nights at Jessie’s appartment at Gita Bayu. Continue reading