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【18台馬澳】20180125。台南赤崁樓 Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia) of Tainan


台南,台灣最早開發的城市,歷經荷治、明鄭、清領、日治等不同時期的統治,這裡的史蹟、人文及小吃美食等文化資源豐富,為歷史悠久的古都(參考維基)。1624-1662年,荷蘭人統治台灣38年,台南為其統治中心,亦留下不少歷史古蹟,其中以赤崁樓和安平古堡最具代表性。赤崁樓的原身為荷蘭人的普羅民遮城(Fort Provintia),為荷治時代的商業和行政中心。鄭成功擊退荷蘭人後,這裡就成了承天府。今日所見的赤崁樓為漢人在普羅民遮城上陸續興建的儒、道教廟祠,包括海神廟、文昌閣。這古蹟就在我們的酒店附近,吃過早餐就從這兒開始一天的旅程了。
Tainan is commonly known as the “Capital City” for its over 200 years of history as the capital of Taiwan under Koxinga and Qing Dynasty rule (see wikipedia). As Taiwan’s oldest urban area, Tainan was initially established by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Fort Zeelandia and Fort Provintia were the ruling and trading bases during the period of Dutch rule on the island. Chihkan Tower is built on the remains of Fort Provintia and is a historical trace of the cultural and ruling changings. It’s just nearby our hotel, thus, we started our Tainan historical one day trip from here. Continue reading