【China。七彩雲南】20140724。麗江黑龍潭公園 Jade Spring Park, Lijiang

下午,用過午餐之後,我們先到黑龍潭公園走走。黑龍潭公園,亦被稱為玉泉公園,為麗江古城的一部分。黑龍潭的水為玉龍雪山及其周邊的山系的泉水,泉水經此流入麗江古城,所以,黑龍潭也是麗江的主要水源。 After lunch, we went to Jade Spring Park to have a walk. Jade Spring Park, also named as Black Dragon Pool Park, is a part of Lijiang Ancient Town. This pool collects water from Yulong snow mountain and is the main water source of Lijiang Ancient Town.

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