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【18台馬澳】20180123。高雄紅毛港文化園區 Hongmaogang Cultural Park, Kaohsiung


Having these two Gaozi towers face to face at the entrance of the second harbour, this is the unique scene of Kaohsiung Port from Hongmaogang Cultural Park (official website). We have chosen for a half day trip which offered the chance to travel through the busy Kaohsiung Port and relaxing at this cultural park. Continue reading

【18台馬澳】20180122。高雄旗津 Cijin (Qijin), Kaohsiung


The last destination of the day was Cijin District, or Cijin Island. We only visited the north part of the island, namely the Rainbow Church and Cihou Fort. It’s quite pity that we couldn’t enjoy the sunset here due to wheather. We left Cijin when it’s getting dark and ended at Ambassador Kaohsiung with delicious Cantonese style dinner. Continue reading