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【18秋返馬】20181021。吉隆坡—杜哈—荷蘭 Kuala Lumpur to Doha to Schiphol


Time flies so fast. It’s time to go back to Holland again. This post shares the serie photos taken on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Doha and then to Schiphol, majorly the sights from flight and Doha International Airport. Continue reading

【18秋返馬】20181019-20。吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur


Before coming back to the Netherlands, I stayed at Kuala Lumpur for two days to visit Jessie. As I’m been at KL for some many times, I didn’t have any places to visit in mind actually. Therefore, I spent the first day with Jessie and XiangQun, went shopping with Jessie the 2nd day, and left KL in midnight of the 3rd day. During this trip, I promised myself not to buy any clothes and I made it. I have exchanged my 30 kgs of Dutch cookies and chocolates with almost the same weight of books (10+ pcs) and gifts.  Continue reading

【18秋返馬】20181013-18。美里 Miri Day 5 to Day 10


Home Sweet Home,這是在我十歲那年,爸爸蓋成新家。歷經三十幾年,老家還在,但一切都變了。感概完就繼續看照片吧!
This house is built when I was 10 years old. After 30+ years, everything’s changed but it’s still here for us. Let’s continue with the pictures.
Continue reading

【18秋返馬】20181009-13。美里 Miri Day 1 to Day 5


離家遠的難處就是不能常常回家,而且想回家還得排期。趁著脫離寫論文的苦海、又還沒找到新的工作,就利用自由業者的好處,決定回家一趟。不到一天的時間,就從有回家的念頭到買下了機票,神速!當然這應驗了有儲備基金的好處:不必考慮錢的問題。因為答應了巴特的同事去給他們拍照片(Beekse Bergen動物園一日遊),就緩至9號才啟程。這趟不趕時間,選了卡達爾航空得在杜哈轉機的非直飛班機,能省約200歐元,但行程就變得很長。從恩荷芬出發算起,花了31個小時才到美里家門。
Staying far away from home is always difficult to meet family. Year over year, my parents’re getting older and with empty nest nowadays. It drives me to visit them more frequently last times. That’s why I took the opportunity as a freelance to visit them again in October for 2 weeks. Having 10 days in Miri without “tourist” accompany, I enjoyed the time just together with friends and families. The photos in Miri will be shared in 2 parts. Continue reading

【18秋返馬】20181007-08。恩荷芬—美里 Eindhoven to Miri


In October 2018, I made decision to quit recovering my thesis and went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks. Because the main purpose was visiting my family, there’re not too many pictures been taken. Therefore, I start to share the pictures of October first, before the Taiwan-Macau-Malaysia trip at the beginning of 2018. Continue reading