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【18秋返馬】20181021。吉隆坡—杜哈—荷蘭 Kuala Lumpur to Doha to Schiphol


Time flies so fast. It’s time to go back to Holland again. This post shares the serie photos taken on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Doha and then to Schiphol, majorly the sights from flight and Doha International Airport. Continue reading

【18秋返馬】20181007-08。恩荷芬—美里 Eindhoven to Miri


In October 2018, I made decision to quit recovering my thesis and went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks. Because the main purpose was visiting my family, there’re not too many pictures been taken. Therefore, I start to share the pictures of October first, before the Taiwan-Macau-Malaysia trip at the beginning of 2018. Continue reading