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【18秋返馬】20181007-08。恩荷芬—美里 Eindhoven to Miri


In October 2018, I made decision to quit recovering my thesis and went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks. Because the main purpose was visiting my family, there’re not too many pictures been taken. Therefore, I start to share the pictures of October first, before the Taiwan-Macau-Malaysia trip at the beginning of 2018. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170804。西馬 West M’sia (1) 吉隆坡-馬六甲 KL to Malacca


Malacca is our first destination in West Malaysia. When we arrived at KLIA, Jessie came to pick us up and drove us to Malacca. The journey took about 2 hours. We arrived Hatten Hotel around 17 pm. These are the pictures taken on the way. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170804。亞庇 KK (18) 亞庇-吉隆坡 KK to Kuala Lumpur


This day, we left KK and continued our journey to Malacca at West Malaysia. We took the flight at noon, from KK to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), then to Malacca by car. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170708-09。啟程 NL – KLIA – Miri


This year, I went back to Malaysia for 5 weeks during summer holiday. After resit on 7th of July, I started immediately my journey at the next day. This post’s going to share the photos from the Netherlands to Miri. Above is the photo of Penang Second Bridge, or Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge. The total length of the bridge is 24 km with length over water at 16.9 km, making it the longest bridge in Malaysia and the longest in Southeast Asia (wikipedia).
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2016CNY。旅程彙整 Summary of CNY Trip


[NL] Samenvatting van Miri tour tijdens Chinees nieuwjaar (5-20 februari 2016).
[EN] Summary of our Miri Chinese New Year Trip (5-20 February, 2016).
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【14夏】20140719。啟程 Paris – Kuala Lumpur


From Paris to Kuala Lumpur, we couldn’t have our seats together and both of us didn’t get a window seat. Fortunately, I could exchange my seat with Sharon who prefer to sit nearby airle. This gave me a great chance to make beautiful pictures on the way. After arriving Kuala Lumpur, we didn’t have a lot of activities. The main task was only to have a good preparation for the next day to fly to China.
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