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【China。七彩雲南】20140726。瀘沽湖與神秘女兒國 Lugu Lake & The Women’s Kingdom


During our visiting at Lugu Lake, we learn more about the real Women’s Kingdom. Lugu Lake is located on the border between Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province. The main inhabitants here are Mosuo people, who still remain their traditional culture and matriarchal society structure. There are no marriage and women play a main role in family and society. This’s why this area is also named as Women’s Kingdom. Due to the road condition, we needed to depart the next day on time in the morning to go back to Lijiang. So we only had the chance to take a boat tour at the lake and to join the campfire party in the evening. Although we missed some interesting places to visit, but we gained a lot of wonderful memories in this trip.
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