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27-04。聖彼得山之北部洞窟 North Caves of Mount St. Pieter

Mount St. Pieter is a hill plateau with limestone massif. Since Roman times, people started to use the limestone blocks of Mount St. Pieter for the constructions in Maastricht, such as churches, buildings, walls etc. Therefore, there are many caves and underground corridors in this area. Here used to have almost 20.000 corridors but half of them were destroyed due to the developement of the cement industry. During the 2nd War World, this underground area used to be a secret hiding place.
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27-04。馬斯垂克之聖彼得堡壘 Fort St.Pieter of Maastricht

Maastricht is an ancient city in the south of the Netherlands, about an hour driving from Eindhoven. The focus of our trip is to visit the Fort and the underground caves at Mount St. Pieter.
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