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【13夏】16-07。夜遊奧帕蒂亞 Night sightseeing in Opatija

We’re very tired when we arrived Opatija. When we found the night sightseeing boat tour, we just took the opportunity to visit this city with another way. Continue reading

【13夏】16-07。酒店 Hotel Residenz, Opatija

奧帕蒂亞是我們往瑞士途中的休息點,可說是只為了睡個好覺罷了。我們住的酒店Hotel Residenz就在它的市中心,房間面海,可以觀賞海灣的美景。
Opatija is a stop of our journey from Croatia to Switzerland. We stayed at Hotel Residenz in the city centre. From the balcony of our room, we could enjoy the beautiful sight of the bay. Continue reading

【13夏】16-07。蔚藍海岸線 Azure Coastline (3) Senj to Opajia, Croatia

Nehaj Fortress at Senj is the last stop of our trip of the day. After that, we just continued our way to our destination Opatija. Continue reading