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【13夏】17-07。往北意的阿爾卑斯山脈 Going to Alps at North Italy (3) Passo Del Tonale to Passo Del Gavia

經過Passo Del Tonale,我們繼續往Passo Del Gavia走。為了賞美景,故意挑山路走,雖然有的山路非常險要,急彎很多,有的地方只有單道通車,但我們還是有驚無險、平安地跨過一座座的山峰和峽谷。
Passing the Tonale Pass, we continued our way to Gavia Pass. Although some parts of the roads were dangerous, but we have travelled through the mountains safety and gained a lot of beautiful memoris in this trip. Continue reading

【13夏】17-07。往北意的阿爾卑斯山脈 Going to Alps at North Italy (2) Avio to Passo Del Tonale

We departed to Alps at North Italy at 9:30am, but we started to have the feeling that we’re closed to Alps around 16pm. Although we spend most of the time on highway, but the last 5 hours journey became more and more interesting as the altitude bacame higher and higher.
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