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【13夏】17-07。往北意的阿爾卑斯山脈 Going to Alps at North Italy (2) Avio to Passo Del Tonale

We departed to Alps at North Italy at 9:30am, but we started to have the feeling that we’re closed to Alps around 16pm. Although we spend most of the time on highway, but the last 5 hours journey became more and more interesting as the altitude bacame higher and higher.
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【13夏】17-07。往北意的阿爾卑斯山脈 Going to Alps at North Italy (1) Opatija to Avio, Trentino

離開了蔚藍的克羅地亞,我們開始往阿爾卑斯山脈奔去。接下來的三天,走的都是起伏不平的高海拔地帶,我們刻意挑了很多次道來走,當然也不失所望,給我們這次暑假來了精彩的後半段。這天,7月17日,我們從克羅地亞的奧帕蒂亞出發,進入意大利後,朝它北邊、接近瑞士邊界的Passo dello Stelvio前進,全程約630公里,花了近十二個小時才抵達目的地。
Leaving Croatia, we began our journey to the Swiss Alps. The coming three days, we would travel at high sea level area, and we have chosen some secondary roads in the mountain area to enjoy the great sights of Alps. The first day, 17 July, we travelled from Opatija to Passo dello Stelvio which is located at the north of Italy and closed to the border of Switzerland. The distance is about 630km and we took almost 12 hours to finish the  journey. Continue reading