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【17返馬】20170716。姆魯 Mulu (6) 梅林瑙河與本南人聚居區 Melinau River & Penan Settlement


The next morning, after buffet breakfast at Mulu Marriott Resort, we continued our journey to Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave. We were travelling from Marriott to the caves, following Melinau River to its upstreams by long boat. On the way, we visited Penan Settlement and its traditional craft market. Penan people used to have nomadic culture, moving from one to another place in the nature forest. In 1976, the goverment started to protect the area of Mulu National Park, thus, Penan people had to leaving their forest and moving into the Penan Settlement or outside of the national park area. Insteads of hunting and planting here and there in forest, they are staying at long houses which are never been a part of their culture. They learn to have modern lifestyle, start to work in the national park or in tourisum. Their young generation is well educated and some of them move to cities to have even better life. When visitiors come to Penan Settlement, they meet modernized Penan people which most are old people and kids. Buying their handcraft may support their financial a bit, but it’s still a sad story to see how their culture is vanishing in this modern world. Continue reading