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Jan 29

Susanna’s Home: Bart arrived Miri at 14:30. After checked in at Park Hotel, we went to shopping. In the evening, we went home. This was the first meet of Bart with my parents. It’s fun. He brought woodenshoes, stroopwafels, speculas, drops and small souvenir woodenshoes to my family.

Jan 30

Lutong-Shell: Lutong is the petroleum refinery and storage centre in Miri. The main office of Shell and Petronas are located in this area too. 


Sibuti-Susanna’s father’s farm: Sibuti is a small town. It’s 40 minutes drive between Miri and Sibuti. My father’s farm is located here. The main agriculture products are guava, honey orange, local orange, papaya, pamelo, mango, langsak, nangka, cucumber, chili, lady-finger………


Bungai Beach & Luak Bay: These two beach are on the way from Sibuti to Miri. They are nature and beautiful. Bart likes them very much.

Jan 31

Shopping in Miri: This’s a wonderful Monday. I had a gathering with three best friends. They are Shirley, MoMo and DaMei. We had breakfast together, then, we went to shopping. In the afternoon, I introduced special ice ( Cendol ) and Rojak as Hi-tea to Bart.

Feb 1-3

Mulu National Park: Mulu National Park is a world heritage area. We had 3 days 2 nights tour to this wonderful park. We stayed in Royal Mulu Resort with build in origin tropical forest. You can find more information about MNP here: The Show Caves of Mulu Sarawak

Feb 1

On the way to Lang’s Cave & Deer Cave: It’s 4km walking pathway from the park entrance to the first two caves. There have many tropical forest scene for you to discover. 


Lang’s Cave: This cave is named "Lang’s Cave" because of the first man who discovered this cave is Lang. It’s a cave full of the beauty of stalactite. These stalactites grow 1cm every 55 years. It’s amazing. You would have different surprise in everywhere.


Deer Cave: When explorers discovered this cave, they saw many deers came into this cave to drink salt water. The water is salty because of the waste of bats. There have millions of bats live at the top of this cave. The capacity of this cave is very large. It’s measured 800m lengh, 160m width and 120m height.

Feb 2

On the way to Wind Cave & Clear Water Cave: We need to take Long Boat from resort to these two caves. The boat journey was about 30 minutes.


Wind Cave: Inside of the Wind Cave, there is a King Room where have many beautiful stalactites in different shapes. You can do your best imaginations for all of them in this room. 


Clear Water Cave: There has a long subterranean river in this cave which the water would flow out to a nature pool.


Hug of Nature: By the side of the pool, there has a resting compound for tourists. We could swim, rest, having simple meal, sleeping……..


Beauty of Mulu: We were free in the second afternoon. We decided to take a walk near the resort. We found a small path which leaded us onto a small hill. We could see all of the mountain of Mulu National Park, of course, we took many pictures here.


Relaxing Time: Before dinner, we had a relaxing hour at the resort pub.

Feb 3

Go Home: We arrived Miri Airport about 16:00. This’s the Fokker 50 which we took.

Feb 4

Fan City: Fan City is a beautiful park near the centrum of Miri. It’s a tourism scheme which maped many important compounds nearby in a fan looks. We could feel the hamony of multi-races and different cultures of Malaysia in this park.


Miri Town: Imperial Mall is the highest building in Miri nowaday. We shopped and had a simple hi-tea in KFC there.


Chinese New Year Night Market: Before Chinese New Year, a special night market had been organised from Chinese. There had many small stalls which sold necessaries and decorative items of CNY and many traditional programmes like lion dance and dragon dance had been held to entertain public.

Feb 6

Parkcity Everly Hotel: This’s a 4-stars hotel near coast. We had a delicious Malay meal here.

Feb 7 Niah Cave ( 1 ): Niah Cave, Borneo contains the oldest remains of Homo sapiens found in Borneo, a skull found in layers dated to around 40,000 years. The cave also contains a sequence of human occupation that may span the period from around 40,000 years to 2,000 years ago.  
  Niah Cave ( 2 ): More about History of Niah Cave   

CNY Night Market: We visited night market again with my family. We bought vegetable and ingredients of meal for new year eve.

Feb 8 

New Year Eve: We had a family reunion dinner at new year eve. This’s my family picture took before we started our dinner.

Feb 9

Chinese New Year: This is the first time for Bart to celebrate CNY. We joined my brother and sisters to visit my mother’s brothers. Then, we visited my married sister who had open-house that day.

Feb 10

The Grand Old Lady: This is the first oil well in Miri and Malaysia. It is located on the top of Canada Hill. In the plan of Miri Resort City, a petroleum museum had been build to momery the history of petroleum mining in Malaysia.

  Tanjong Lobang: More information here- History and Map of Tanjong Lobang  
  Miri River Bank: More information about Miri City in Vistualtourist.com and Sarawaktourism  
  Pujut Roundabout Park  

SanQingDian: It is the largest Taoism temple and famous tourist point in Miri.

  Public Park  

Family Gathering: At the second day of CNY, as traditional Chinese culture, my married sister came home to visit family.   

Feb 11 

Valentine’s Dinner: Bart and I had a Valentine’s dinner a day before he left. We decided to have a buffet dinner at Royal Rihga Hotel. It’s a 5-stars hotel with impressive scene and atmosphere. We enjoyed many delicious meals. After dinner, we took a seat at Coffee-bar to have a Cappuccino and Latte.

Feb 12 Bye   

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