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【China。七彩雲南】20140730。白馬雪山-奔子欄-納帕海-香格里拉 Baima Snow Mountain – Benzilan – Napa Lake – Shangri-La


After passing the cloudy Baima Snow Mountain, we stopped at Benzilan for lunch and then just went ahead to Shangri-La.
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【China。七彩雲南】20140730。梅里雪山-迎賓台-白馬雪山 Meili Snow Mountain – Welcome Desk – Baima Snow Mountain


Our original plan of the second day at Meili Snow Mountain was to visit the Mingyong Glacier under Kawagebo Peak. But the whole journey might take about a day and we needed to turn back to Shangri-La the same day. To prevent any incidents that may delay our whole trip, we decided to skip visiting Mingyong Glacier and went back to Shangri-La in the morning.
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【China。七彩雲南】20140729。月亮灣-東竹林寺-白馬雪山 Moon Bend – Dongzhulin Monastery – Baima Snow Mountain


After passing Benzilan, we have a short stop at the Moon Bend of Jinsha River, then we went to visit Dongzhulin Monastery, and then keep up- and downhilling to climb over the Baima Snow Mountain. Baima (or Baimang) Snow Mountain, also named as White Horse Snow Mountain, is located in between Jinsha River and Lancang River, most of the peaks are higher than 5km. The G214 National Road is passing here at the point of 4.230m.
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