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【Barcelona】20150418。巴塞羅納 Barcelona Day 4


The forth day at Barcelona was our last day travelling at Barcelona. We had bought the tickets of 10 am to visit Palau de la Música Catalana, and then continued our tour to Montjuïc Hill to enjoy the views outside of Barcelona, including Olympic Park and castle.
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【Barcelona】20150418。蒙特惠奇山賞景 Montjuïc Hill & Jardins del Mirador


從蒙特惠奇堡壘下山,沿途有許多大大小小的公園,其中以Jardins del Mirador de l’Alcalde最具特色。在這寧靜的公園內可欣賞到巴塞羅納城區和海港景色,園內條條步道都佈滿設計元素,讓人流連忘返。
There are a lots of parks at Montjuïc Hill, surrounding the Anella Olímpica and Castell de Montjuïc. Jardins del Mirador de l’Alcalde is an unique park we have visited, where we could enjoy the great scene of Barcelona and also the design works in the park itself.
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【Barcelona】20150418。奧林匹克公園與蒙特惠奇堡壘 Anella Olímpica & Castell de Montjuïc


Sants-Montjuïc is one of the ten districts of Barcelona. It covers the southern part of Barcelona, where Anella Olímpica and Castell de Montjuïc are located. Anella Olímpica is the Olympic Park of 1992 and Castell de Montjuïc is an old military fortress, built on top of Montjuïc Hill. We decided to have a relax day to visit this area before we left Barcelona. Continue reading