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【17返馬】20170803。亞庇 KK (17) 馬努干島 Manukan Island (2)


This Twin Islands Hopping Trip is a big success for a relaxing day, and Wim and Diny love it so much. We stayed at Manukan Island until 15 pm. Then, seatango brought us back to Sutera Harbour. In the evening, we went to have buffet dinner at Promenade Hotel for the third time. After that, it’s time to prepare for our departure the next day to West Malaysia. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170803。亞庇 KK (16) 馬努干島 Manukan Island (1)


Manukan Island is the second largest island of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. There is a long white beach of about 1.5 km at its southern side, with its clear and calm sea water, forms a paradise for tourists to swim and snookering here. This island is well facilitated with resort and leisure activities, and is a popular tourist spot of KK. We had our lunch here, and continue enjoying sea breeze at the beach side. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170803。亞庇 KK (15) 沙比島 Sapi Island


東姑阿都拉曼國家公園是馬來西亞第一個海洋國家公園,離亞庇約3-8公里,由五個小島組成:嘉亞島(Gaya Island),沙比島(Sapi Island),馬穆迪島(Mamutik Island),馬努干島(Manukan Island)和蘇洛島(Sulug Island)。除了美麗的沙灘和清澈的海水,這保護區內擁有許多特別的珊瑚和海洋生物,是浮潛和潛水的天堂。我們先來到嘉亞島西南邊的沙比島。Sapi是馬來語“牛”,可直譯為牛島。到了這島後,我們在大樹下吹海風、看風景,老外式地渡過了二個小時,再移駕到馬努干島吃午餐。
Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park is located between 3 to 8 km off from Kota Kinabalu, and consists of 5 islands: Gaya Island, Sapi Island, Mamutik Island, Manukan Island and Sulug Island. It’s the first ocean national park of Malaysia, and one of the snookering and diving paradise in Sabah. We visited Sapi Island first, and transferred to Manukan Island for lunch. Continue reading

【17返馬】20170803。亞庇 KK (14) 往沙比島 On the way to Sapi Island


上山(神山)後,來下海了。這天選了Amazing Borneo的海島一日遊(Beautiful Twin Islands Hopping),去沙比島(Sapi Island)和馬努干島(Manukan Island)玩。早上八點,導遊到酒店載我們到絲綢港灣Sutera Harbour,九點許就出海了。我們乘坐的小遊艇seatango,名過其實的海上探戈,極速往沙比島衝去。
After visiting Mt. Kinabalu, it’s time to visit islands nearby Kinabalu. We have chosen for the Beautiful Twin Islands Hopping, organized by Amazing Borneo, to visit Manukan and Sapi Islands. This morning at 8 am, our guide David came to hotel to pick us to Sutera Harbour, and we departed at 9 am to Sapi Island. Our boat was dancing like its name “seatango” when it broke the sea waves with high speed on the whole way. Continue reading