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20170417。復活節農民復古市集 Boeremèrt, Liempde


Today is the 2nd day of Easter. We went to Boeremèrt, the historical farmer market of Noord Brabant, at Liempde. This year, we arrived late in the afternoon, and we missed the traditional dance shows. But, anyway, we have a wonderful afternoon with my parents-in-law who have a lot of memories to recall during this event. Continue reading

20150406。復活節農民復古市集 Boeremèrt, Liempde


Every year, there’s Boeremèrt (ancient farmer market) at Liempde in Noord Brabant during 2nd Easter Day. These are the pictures of 2015 version, which I found that I have saved them for 2 years and forgot to post them. Thus, I post them together next to 2017 version, as they are not exactly the same pictures been taken.
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