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20191112。恩荷芬光藝節 GLOW Eindhoven 2019 (1)


It’s 14th GLOW in Eindhoven, and my 10th visiting to this light festival. This time, I miss the one who has accompanied me for years. However, I’m still able to catch a lot of photos and here’re the sharings. Continue reading

20181116。恩荷芬光藝節 GLOW Eindhoven 2018 (3)


Yesterday, we didn’t finish the route of Glow. Because we know that there’s a project of Glow with Qinhuai Lantern Festival, we have decided to visit Glow again today to complete the whole journey. Continue reading

20151110。恩荷芬光藝節 GLOW Eindhoven 2015


[NL] De GLOW 2015 in Eindhoven is al voorbij. Dit jaar hebben we een deel van de route in de stad bezocht, en de route bij Strijp-S hebben we helemaal gemist. Vergeleken met andere jaren, GLOW van dit jaar was minder interessant.
[EN] The GLOW 2015 in Eindhoven became a chapter in history already. We have visited a part of the city route only. Compare to previous years, we felt that the show of this year just less interesting without a lot of “WOOW” effects.
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20141112。恩荷芬光藝節 (2) Eindhoven GLOW Next


在恩荷芬新市區Strijp-S的GLOW Next,呈獻的是現代與未來的光影技術,其生活化的互動應用讓人大開眼界。
GLOW Next at the Strijp-S, mainly presents the modern and advanced technology and application of lighting. Most of the shows is responsive with public and make your eyes open with new technology.
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20141111。恩荷芬光藝節 (1) Eindhoven GLOW Tour


第九屆恩荷芬光藝節來了。這次的主題是“動感城市”。這輯分享的是GLOW Tour的照片,主要是在市區內的某些主題建築上或區域內用光影配搭聲樂,讓城市增添嫵媚的姿彩。
Once a year, there’s GLOW – the light art festival at Eindhoven. The theme of this year, the ninth edition is ‘City in Motion’. These’re the photo’s of the GLOW Tour, the shows at the city centre. Continue reading