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【13夏】12-07。古城斯普利特之戴克里先宮 Split, Croatia (2) Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is the landmark of Split and one of the world’s cultural heritage. As we could not join any boat tour to the islands nearby Split, we decided to enjoy our time by walking around in this old city area.  Continue reading

【13夏】12-07。古城斯普利特 Split, Croatia (1)

Split is one of the oldest city in Croatia, with more than 1700 years history (wikipedia). Due to our short stay, we didn’t have the chance to enjoy island hopping to those islands nearby Split. We joined a bus tour to have a quick view of the city and beaches. Then we spent our time by walking around in this beautiful city. Continue reading

【13夏】11-07。十六湖到斯普利特 From Plitvice to Split

After visiting Plitvice Lakes, we continued our journey to Split. The distance is 240km and we spend about 3 hour to finish it. Continue reading