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【13夏】16-07。蔚藍海岸線 Azure Coastline (2) Pag Island to Senj, Croatia

到Otok Pag的最北端Lun之後,我們折返島的中部乘Prizna – Žigljen線的渡輪回到陸地,然後續海岸公路往北到古城塞尼。
After arriving Lun at the north of Pag Island, we turned back to the centre part of the island to take the ferry Prizna – Žigljen to return to mainland. Then we continued our way to north to Senj, an old town at the  west coast of Croatia. Continue reading

【13夏】16-07。蔚藍海岸線 Azure Coastline (1) Zadar to Pag Island, Croatia

This’s the 11th day of our journey. We travelled from Zadar to Opatija, our last stop in Croatia. Continue reading