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09-06。德屬弗里西亞群島 Ostfriesland, DE (8) 歸途 Langeoog Island to Eindhoven


This’s the last part of the photos of our 2D1N trip to Ostfriesland at Germany. Continue reading

08-06。德屬弗里西亞群島 Ostfriesland, DE (3) Emden to Witmund


It’s already 14pm after our short tour at Emden. We decided to go to some points at the coast to check the ferry schedule to the Wadden Islands for the next day. Then we went to Wittmund to check-in at Ringhotel.
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08-06。德屬弗里西亞群島 Ostfriesland, DE (2) Emden


Emden是Ostfriesland(德語),或East Frisia/Eastern Friesland(英語)的城市和要港,位於Ems河的出口,面向荷蘭的Groningen省。這是第一站,除了在市中心走了一圈,我們還去坐船參觀這裡的港口。
Emden is the main city and habour of Ostfriesland (DE), or East Frisia/Eastern Friesland (EN) of Germany. Beside having a walk in the city centre, we also joined a boat tour to visit the habour.
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08-06。德屬弗里西亞群島 Ostfriesland, DE (1) Eindhoven to Emden


During the Pentecost holiday (Pinksteren in Dutch), we went to Ostfriesland at Germany to have a 2D1N trip. Continue reading